Air-to-Water heat pumps operate on a similar principle to an ordinary refrigerator.

Heat from the atmosphere is extracted by an outdoor unit and is absorbed by a refrigerant solution which is then compressed to a high temperature. The heat generated is used by the indoor unit to create hot water.

Air-to-Water heat pumps are available in low temperature and high temperature versions.

Low temperature Air-to-Water heat pumps have a maximum flow temperature of 65ºc and are ideally suited to low temperature underfloor heating systems or an over-sized radiator system.

High temperature Air-to-Water Heat Pumps have a maximum flow temperature of 80ºc and are ideal for straight-forward boiler replacements.

Air-to-Water heat pumps can work in temperatures as low as -20ºc.

Some major benefits of Air-to-Water heat pumps are as follows:

  • Provides free heating and hot water 365 days a year;
  • Built-in hot water cylinder providing a large hot water back up;
  • Weather compensating controls improving efficiency;
  • Compatible with Solar Thermal;
  • Eligible for Domestic and Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive;
  • Eco friendly.

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